Writers Partners Programme

Writers Needed for all types of Numismatic Coin Articles


We are looking for native English writers to write SEO optimized articles about numismatic coins.

The main topic is Numismatics, Ancient Rare coins, Coin Auction News, Coin Study / Research

We would love to work long-term with anyone who ideally have a good understanding and appreciation of Numismatics.

Someone who can do own research and write original content no scraping from other websites as all content will be checked on Copyscape for duplicate content.

Your contribution would be very much valued by ancient coin collectors, historian teachers and the public. Also if you have a coin collection or you are a coin dealer your articles can have a link that go`s straight to your inventory.

Articles need to be in a range of 1500 to 3000 words on average and also educational/guide style articles.

Thank You.


If You are interested please fill in the form below: