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Extremely Rare Gold Coin of Mark Antony

Lucius Antonius was the youngest brother of Mark Antony. He was quaestor in Asia in 50 tic and as tribune six years later he was instrumental in the passing of a law giving Caesar special powers in the appointment of magistrates. During his consulship in 41 he became the focus of opposition to Octavian “s regime, a dangerous role in which he was egged on by his assertive sister-in-law Fulvia, wife of Mark Antony. The confrontation between consul and triumvir ultimately led to armed con­flict and Lucius took refuge in the strongly defended city of Persusia.

confident of the arrival of assistance from his brother’s legions stationed in Gaul. But the anticipated help never materialized and Lucius was obliged to capitulate to Octavian. thus ending the so-called Perusine War. Octavian graciously pardoned the former consul’s offence and even appointed him to the governor­ship of Spain, where he died soon afterwards.

Courtesy of: Roma Numismatics

Marc Antony and Lucius Antony AV Aureus. M. Cocceius Nerva, proquaestor pro praetore. Mint moving with M. Antony in the East, 41 BC. M•ANT•IMP•AVG VIR•R•P C•M•NERVA PRO Q•P, bare head of Marc Antony / L•ANTONIVS COS, bare head of Lucius Antony to right. Bahrfeldt 80 var. (III VIR); Sydenham 1184 var. (same); C 2 var. (same); CRI 245a; Calicó 111; Crawford 517/4b. 8.13g, 22mm, 12h. Extremely Fine. An extremely rare variant (only 6 specimens known)

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